250GP Slicks
• English made single and triple compounds
• 17″ fronts for factory style Supermoto setup
• 165/55×17 rears for 250GP bikes

120/70×17 KR448 Front USA Slick

Fitment specs Front120/70×17 KR448F
Recommended Rim range
 (3.50-3.75), Best Rim (3.50)
 (118mm/4.66″), Diameter (606mm/23.85″) 

Available Compounds: 0129 Extra Soft, 2662 Soft, 7455 Med
Suggested Pressures:
 Hot on the warmers 33psi, or cold 31psi


165/55×17 KR451 Rear USA Slick

Fitment specs Rear 165: 165/55×17 KR451 Rear
Recommended Rim range (4.25-5.50), Best Rim (5.50)
Width (162mm/6.37″), Diameter (628mm/24.72″)
Available Compounds:   0197 SUPERSOFT,  0455 MED
Pressures:   250GP: Hot on the warmers 30psi, or cold 28psi

Tec Info: 17” front and 165/55 rear is the perfect setup for 250GP bikes. Same sizing used for 250 class at the World MotoGP level.
Some riders like to use the 165/55 to cut costs while still getting competitive grip on tracks that do not have dirt sections.
Track Data: Suitable for all tracks.