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Gordon Keck

Rider Name
Gordon Keck


Age 15

Hometown Solvang, CA

Bikes 85 RM Superminis

Tracks Ridden On
Com Edge, Milestone, Zaca Station, Perris, Masterpools, Hangtown, Oak Hill, Mewquite, Glen Helen, Marchbanks home track, 2 other tracks in Utah, Loretta Lynn’s and my home track

Favorite Track

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Classes Competing In

Championships Won World Minis

Short Bio
I have been riding since I was 5. My mom quit her job to drive us where we need to go and my dad is my mechanic/coach. We got a van a year ago and love it. I am looking forward to this year on my superminis as well as getting used to a 250 to ride/race after Lorettas 2015. I live to ride. I would not know what I would do otherwise. I feel free and as though I can do anything and everything. My brother rides too so its fun. My family makes sure to keep it real and fun.

Best Ride or Race
Comp Edge, Loretta’s regional

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