Thursday, 9 May 2013
For Immediate Release
Nashville, TN
Contact: Steve Brubaker

Dunlop/Race Tire Service Reducing Prices on USA N-Tec Slicks and DOT Racing Tires

Race Tire Service announces a price reduction on the top of the line USA N-Tec racing tires.

Prices are reduced on the 190/60×17 D211GP-A rear USA N-Tec DOT and the 200/55×17 KR449 rear USA N-Tec Slick.

190/60×17 D211GPA $214, reduced $30, the set is now $369 (was $399)
200/55×17 KR449 $224, reduced $20, the set is now $379 (was $399)

This price will be effective on our website Thursday, May 9th, and via phone orders placed on our toll free order line, 800-772-8473.  Our track-side service trucks will see the reduction starting with this weekend at WERA Barber.  ALL of our track-side service trucks will have the new pricing in place by the following weekend.

Dunlop has a long list of wins with the USA product in just the last 2 months alone.  Including a 600cc track record at Chuckwalla (Benny Solis);  fastest event lap at Portland (Devon McDonaugh) and at The Ridge (Andy Dibrino);  Shootout win at Homestead (Jeff Lampe);  New Jersey CCS GTO (Eric Stump);  Loudon winning 4 races(Scott Greenwood);  Summit Point (Tim Bemisderfer).  When given a choice at Daytona, AMA riders picked the USA product over the UK product to qualify fastest and win both the Superbike and Daytona 200 classes on USA made product.  The list goes on, showing there is no doubt the USA N-Tec tires are top performers.

“We have watched the performance of the USA product in the last 2 years increase greatly,” stated Steve Brubaker, President of Race Tire Service, “and now we are seeing the advantages of better pricing with the product being made in the USA.  I am more than proud to sell American products, support the American economy and workforce, win races, set lap records, and provide contingency, all while saving racers money on their racing programs.  Its a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win situation for everyone!”

In addition to the USA product line, Race Tire Service will carry the full line of both UK and USA products for those customers that are accustomed to the UK tires.  For those that love the the UK tires, the UK product is not going away.

“My stock levels are very good right now,” stated Sterling Pierce, Shipping Manager for Race Tire Service. “We are loading our service trucks and shipping orders daily”.

Tires can be bought online at, via phone orders 800-772-8473 or face to face at any of our track-side service trucks or venders below:
Steve Guinard- North East (800)772-8473
Paul Ounoutha- Southeast (800)772-8473
Randy Gloyd- Florida (800)772-8473
Jason Paden- AFM and Pacific Northwest (615)692-8302
Sterling Pierce- Midwest (800)772-8473
Whoopie Cycle- Texas (936) 203-1855
Todd Karam- North Central & Motoseries (866)678-6686
Maxx Sales- Colorado (303) 828-7402
Alpha Race Day Sales- Brainard (612)290-5230
Jim Cox Racing- Vegas/Chuckwalla (702)429-2780
Track Tire Service- Willow Springs (800)930-2815
Apex Racing Services- Miller (208) 766-3578
Fastline Racing- North NM (505)975-3020
Arroyo Seca- Southern NM (575)494-4794

Race Tire Service is the National distributor for Dunlop motorcycle road racing tires and can be reached at  or 800-772-TIRE (8473)

Dunlop Tires is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America. With North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Dunlop has been making and selling high – quality tires in the U.S. since 1923.